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Course Summary

Course Title: Musculoskeletal Body System Listings: New and Revised Listing Criteria (Part 2 of 2)
Prepared for: Fiscal Year 2022

Discusses how to apply the new rules pertaining to musculoskeletal disorders and the two new listings, Pathological fractures (1.19 and 101.19) and Musculoskeletal disorders of infants and toddlers from birth to attainment of age 3, with developmental motor delay (101.24).

Part two of two VODs for the revised musculoskeletal disorders listings. We will identify new listings and explain how to apply them, explain the major revisions to the listings for skeletal spine impairments, discuss the revisions to the other listings, including revised listing numbers, and explain key concepts in the revised listings.

Key Points
This training provides an example to illustrate the application of new childhood listing 101.24. The VOD describes the major revisions to the adult and childhood listings for skeletal spine impairments and explains how these impairments will be evaluated under listings 1.15 and 1.16. Finally, the training explains the changes to the other musculoskeletal disorders listings and defines key terms used in each of the listings.


Please take a few minutes to complete the optional end of course survey.