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Course Summary

Course Title: Musculoskeletal Body System Listings: An Overview (Part 1 of 2)
Prepared for: Fiscal Year 2022

This video discusses the changes of the listings of impairments.

Part one of two VODs for the revised musculoskeletal disorders listings in which we explain the major changes to the listings, discuss the rescission of AR 15-1(4), and explain how we define and apply key concepts in the new listings when adjudicating cases, including the functional criteria.

Key Points
This training provides an overview of the new rules and functional criteria related to musculoskeletal disorders. The video discusses the major changes in the new listings, such as renaming and renumbering the listings and reconfiguring them to a consistent outline format; breaking up the spinal disorders listing (1.04) into two separate listings (1.15 and 1.16), and adding two new listings (which will be discussed in the second presentation); updating the functional criteria; and rescinding AR 15-1(4) and clarifying our expectations regarding the required documentation occurring simultaneously or within a close proximity of time. The training also explains how we define and evaluate paresthesia, reduction in muscle strength, and obesity under the new listings. Finally, the training discusses the revised functional criteria in depth, including explaining how we evaluate the documented medical need for an assistive device, and provides examples to illustrate the functional criteria.


Please take a few minutes to complete the optional end of course survey.