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Background Check

To receive direct fee payment, the PRA requires you to undergo a criminal background check to ensure your fitness to practice before us. You must complete and sign the applicant authorization for release of information form that is in the application package and mail it to us with your completed and signed application and application fee. We will reject your application if you:

  1. Have been suspended or disqualified from practice before us;

  2. Are a licensed attorney who is suspended or disbarred from the practice of law in any jurisdiction;

  3. Have a judgment or lien assessed against you by a civil court for malpractice or fraud;

  4. Have a felony conviction;

  5. Have misrepresented information provided on your application or supporting materials for the application;

  6. Fail to pass our administrative records check (check social security number, etc);

  7. Fail to provide documentation as requested by the contractor to perform the criminal background investigation.

You must continue to meet the criteria in the criminal background check at all times to remain eligible to receive direct fee payment.